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Sponsorship Opportunities

Give your sponsors the opportunity to get targeted exposure while generating new revenue streams for your event.

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Any event with sponsors or exhibitors. In-app sponsorship opportunities are a win-win situation for both organizers and sponsors.

Uncover New Revenue Streams for Your Event

Use a mobile event app to give sponsors and exhibitors direct exposure to attendees. Create app-sections specifically designed for sponsors or use promoted posts to put your sponsor’s message at the top of the activity feed. A mobile app provides a new channel for your sponsors to communicate value to attendees and generate additional revenue streams for you!

Drive Traffic to Your Sponsors

Incentivize attendees to visit key exhibitors or sponsors with custom, sponsored virtual badges through the app’s gamification features. Sponsored badges and scavenger hunts drive excitement for attendees and more leads for sponsors.

Increase Exposure for Sponsors

A promoted post is a message pinned to the top of the activity feed (typically the most accessed section of the app). Beyond being a great communication tool for event organizers, a promoted post can effectively be a great branding opportunity for sponsors, as well. A sponsored microapp offers a high level of exposure and virtually connects the sponsor to every app user. It can link to a custom landing page, the sponsor’s website and more.

Access Real-time Promotion

A push notification is a powerful, real-time marketing tool for event organizers. It is the most directed, 140-character message a sponsor can send. Segment users by group affiliation or interests to send a targeted message, or direct a sponsor’s message to every attendees with the application. Schedule push notifications in advance, so there’s less to do the day of the event.

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